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The Business Efficiency Forum – October 14, 2020. It is without doubt the most influential efficiency conference in Latvia – for 10 consecutive years it has been bringing together efficiency champions from a range of industries to share their stories about efficiency that are so relevant in these turbulent times.

Every year the forum welcomes heads of companies, managers of various levels, practitioners who apply efficiency methods in everyday life, employees of manufacturing and service organisations as well as teachers and students.





Speakers 2020

Adrian Riveros Olmedo –

Director of B2Exc Consulting SpA

Adrian is a Director of B2Exc Consulting from Chile, Mechanical Engineer and International MBA. He worked as a manager at the national level for a Chilean brewing company (VSPT Wine Group, CCU, Nestle Waters),…

    Anita Stukāne –

    Business Efficiency Association, CEO

    For 15 years, Anita Stukāne worked in banking both as a specialist and the head of the department and project group. In this line of work, it was crucial to have efficient, harmonised and well-designed…

      Brian Elms –

      author of “Peak Performance”

      Brian Elms is the author of Peak Performance and an Urban Leadership Fellow at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He served as the Director of Peak Academy and Analytics for the City and…

      Catherine Chabiron –

      Lean Executive Coach, French Lean Institute

      A Lean executive coach in France, Catherine leads the Lean Service community within Institut Lean France (French Lean Institute). She also teaches problem solving and writes accounts of her gemba walks in lean companies…

      Edgars Neilands –

      CEO, Group of Companies “Labie Koki” Ltd.

      "Edgars Neilands is a professional gardener and European certified arborist with 20 years’ experience. A son of two landscape architects, Edgars has been exposed to the synergy between the landscape and architecture since his early…

        Edijs Bošs –

        Journalist, TV host

        A journalist and TV host with 20 years’ experience. At present, he is a news host at TV3 and a lecturer at the Department of Political Science at Riga Stradiņš University. He has worked at…

        Eva Nolendorfa –

        HR Manager, “Brabantia Latvia” SIA

        For the 9th consecutive year, Eva has been surfing the waves of HR management with the outstanding, smart, strong and dedicated “Brabantia Latvia” team together winning the title of “Business Efficiency Champion” of 2017…

          Jana Strogonova –

          Co-owner of Growing Ltd, business trainer and consultant

          Co-owner of Growing Ltd, business trainer and consultant. In cooperation with "Komercizglītības centrs" trained managers starting from CEO's to department leaders ("Biznesa Klase", "Pārdošanas Vadītāju Meistarklase" (sales managers), "Dienas Biznesa akadēmija", etc.). Consulted and…

            Paul Smith –

            Director of Shinka Management

            Paul is a Director of Shinka Management, a global lean consulting company specialising in the transfer of Japanese management know-how to global industry. Paul’s expertise spans Japanese management practices, process analysis and optimisation. Paul…

            Richard Keegan –

            Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, Adjunct Associate Professor, Operations And Director Seraph Consulting, Europe

            Richard Keegan is a specialist in the areas of Lean/World Class Business and Benchmarking. His concept of developing a three tier approach to company development has been adopted as a national approach to support…

              Uldis Piekuss –

              BEA, Member of the Board and Expert

              Over 10 years’ experience in implementing, reinforcing and improving LEAN methodology in the retail industry both in Latvia and abroad. As a lecturer, he regularly addresses various audiences to raise awareness of Lean and…

              Veronika Denisova –

              International Productivity Academy Director, Czech Republic

              Veronika has engineering and psychology background, with degrees in management and engineering psychology. She worked in a mining research institute between the years of 1985 and 1992. After, Veronika has shifted her focus to…