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Joakim Ahlstrom –

“Real8 Consulting Group”, CEO, the author of several books

Human connection and collaboration – the lever to operational excellence in the new world

Joakim Ahlström is an internationally recognized expert on establishing continuous improvement cultures and helping organizations achieve excellence in all fronts. He is an expert and pioneer in the field of leadership and personal development with a unique ability to harness human potential and inspire high-performance. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, he’s the CEO of Real8 Consulting Group and the author of several books, including How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement and SUCKCESS – Free from Fear, Full of Power. Ahlström is a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management and a European Master in Total Quality Management from Linköping university and The University of Rome Tor Vergata. He is also a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, trained in lean principles at Toyota in Japan, an Executive Master of Business and Administration and a Certified Organizational Coach. Ahlström has helped global companies such as Volvo, Pfizer, Coca Cola and IKEA achieve long-term improvement in performance by supporting the development of a high-performance continuous improvement culture.