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Jānis Leilands –

"Leilands un Putnis” LTD, Management consultant

“Under the Overturned Pyramid”

“Leilands un Putnis”, Executive Board Member – business counsellor, lecturer, workshop moderator.
Since 1995, he has helped to resolve a range of development issues in more than 200 Latvian and Lithuanian companies and institutions.
He has been involved in Lean and SixSigma training and practical implementation since 2010.
He has developed and runs several training courses on the implementation of Lean, SixSigma and ToC principles and the use of the related methodology.
He has promoted efficiency improvement methods at various conferences.
In 2013, he obtained Lean SixSigma Black Belt certificate.
In 2015, he was awarded the Lean expert status by the Business Efficiency Association.
The topics Jānis regularly counsels and trains on are:
– Improvement of efficiency of the company’s internal processes (Lean, SixSigma, ToC);
– Development and improvement of quality management system;
– Development and improvement of the environmental and energy efficiency management systems;
– Problem-solving;
– Risk management;
– Facilitation of creative work/creativity.
Jānis’ clients in the area of efficiency improvement (Lean) include such industry leading enterprises as Latvijas Finieris/ Iekārtu rūpnīca, Valmieras Glass, Severtaļ, Latvijas Balzams, Troja, Latfood, LSG Sky Chefs, Polipaks, TMMetal Baltic, Efn Nord, Hornbaek Baltic, East Metal, Interspiro, AE Partner, Nybo, HGF Latvia, Rochling Milzkalne, Prolux, Reserv Inc., Stora Enso Latvija, SRC Brasa, Grindeks etc.
What characterises Jānis as a lecturer and counsellor:
He believes that Lean is a mindset and continuous transformation therefore he is constantly learning new methods and approaches in various in-person and remote learning settings and experience sharing events, as well as implements the Lean principles both at work and home.