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Artjoms Fokejevs –

Polipaks LTD, Chief Operating Officer

Practical business efficiency

Since 2019 Artyom is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Polipaks SIA . Before joining Polipaks SIA, for many years he has successfully proven himself as a professional manager and change leader in several leading roles in the structure of UPB Holding (including the positions of RK Metāls plant CEO and board member, Holding export division commercial director). Artyom’s professional approach, positive leader’s energy and personal charisma allow him successfully implement the necessary changes and improvements (in the broadest sense), to achieve the set goals, involving the whole team.

Artyom is most characterized by words: curiosity, determination and perseverance. He has an RTU degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in production technology, he continuously and purposefully continues to study in seminars, courses, participates in conferences and master classes to lead more efficiently and smarter. Artyom is interested in applying new knowledge and skills in practice, the results motivate him to develop further. Artyom enjoys to share his experience and knowledge, expanding knowledge inside and outside the company. Knowledge and experience, like water, must always move!