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Philip Marris

Expert in boosting performance using the Theory Of Constraints and Lean.

Philip Marris has been successfully implementing the Theory Of Constraints combined with Lean for over 30 years in over 250 organisations worldwide. His principal skills are operational performance and project management. He is English, 59 years old and is based in Paris, France. He is bilingual English/French. Starting in 1986 he worked with Eliyahu Goldratt the founder of the Theory Of Constraints (TOC) and the author of the international best-seller The Goal and many other books. Philip Marris is the author of a very successful book in French Le management par les contraintes. It explains how to implement TOC in production environments. He is the CEO of Marris Consulting, founded in 2005 and based in Paris, France.

He has worked all over the world (in over 30 countries). Among his clients are: Air France, ArcelorMittal, Autoliv, Bayer, Bosch, Embraer, GSK, Infineon, Ipsen, Jaeger LeCoultre, Louis Vuitton, McDonald’s, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, Nexter, Rolex, Safran, Sanden, Siemens, SKF, Thales, Valeo and Zodiac Aerospace. Half of Marris Consulting’s business is outside of France. He actively contributes to the awareness of the Theory Of Constraints and Critical Chain Project Management throughout the world giving dozens of conferences every year, teaching in many Master Classes and workshops and publishing numerous articles and on-line videos.