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Edgars Neilands –

CEO, Group of Companies “Labie Koki” Ltd.

"How to live your life efficiently. A vision through the lens of trees because trees do not complicate anything." (LV)

“Edgars Neilands is a professional gardener and European certified arborist with 20 years’ experience. A son of two landscape architects, Edgars has been exposed to the synergy between the landscape and architecture since his early childhood. He’s an active gardening and tree care advisor and a trusted expert. He studies trees in the urban environment and explains and reports his findings. Edgars regularly visits his colleagues abroad where he gains experience and new ideas, which he brings to Latvia and generously shares at workshops organised by the arboreal society “Annas koku skolas biedrība”. Once this graduate of Bulduri Gardening School had a vision of a perfect team of three gardeners, which has since evolved into a locally and internationally recognized team of nearly 50 professionals.

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