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The New Organisational Structure and Culture

Nowadays, most organizations are facing two challenges:
■ How to how to keep up with an ever faster evolving market
■ How to keep personnel motivated and engaged

Though perhaps not generally, much is kown about how to address these. Quiteunfortunate because that means talent, energy and opportunities areunnecessarily wasted. Causing suff ering for people (long term absences) andentailing costs for the organization.
In this one-hour-talk …
What you get out of this session:
■ Insight. Suggestions for quick wins — steps you can take to make progress oneither the structural aspect, or the cultural aspect of your organization.
learning organizations, agile organizations, non-hierarchical ways oforganizing, social technologies, Holacarcy, Sociocracy 3.0, self directing, selforganizing, …
I explain the essence of ‘new ways of organizing’
(*), and what activeprinciples they have in common to address aforementioned needs.
■ How fundamentally taking care of one, automatically leads to taking careof the other. Both are as two sides of the same coin.
■ How, to a great extent, it is about applying what we already know,intuitively know, or often: not half-heartedly.

19 October @ 14:10